84 Rockin

3D Modeler x Designer

Over the last few months I have had the priveledge of working with some extremely talanted artist. I contributed in bringing these designs to life in providing a 3D interpretation of the artists work. The models will later be printed out using a 3D printer, and painted, to then be released as a limited edition collectible vinyl toy. Each figure in the end becomes one high poly smooth solid mesh. I've been a long time fan of these artist, and their work has inspired me throughout my career so it made the work that much sweeter to create. I appreciate that at this stage in my art I can pick and choose projects I want to work on.

Jesse Hernandez - Jaguar Head

Hernandez_1 Hernandez_2 Hernandez_3

Jeremy Fish - The Bison Van

Bison_Van_1 Bison_Van_2 Bison_Van_3

Dez Einswell - The Tone Collector

Tone_Collector Tone_Collector_2 Tone_Collector_3 Tone_Collector_4 Tone_Collector_5

Comet Debris - Sametan

Sametan_1 Sametan_2

Magic Pixel Games

Senior Artist

Working on this game was a nice change in style and workflow. It was my first mobile based game and I was worried detail were going to be lost with having to lower polycount, but fortuantly enough that was not the case here. I had complete freedom to model everything in high detail and not worry too much about holding back. The style of texturing was fun too, a nice change with doing a more cartoon feel with all textures being hand painted. Details where extracted from the AO of the high poly, and finer details added through Photoshop. I really enjoyed the idea of starting with a basic structure/prop, and building upon it to make different levels of density to "beef" up the structure to look more powerful.

Artillery_Tower Research_Building Guard_Tower Rocks Vehicles Screenshot


Game Mechanic Studio

Senior Artist

Defiance is an ambitious MMO game that is connected to a story from a television show with the same name. Instead of having individual textures for each building, asset, etc. we worked off of a method of creating a "palette" texture. Different types of tileable textures of roofing, walls, metals, etc. where all created on one large texture, and we would mix and match textures on all the different assets. This was done in order to keep the memory footprint as low as possible because since there would be hundreds of people playing online at a time. My knowledge of doing similiar work on Transformers helped greatly in knocking out completed buildings quickly.

Hermit_Shack Diablo_Ranch_2 Oil_Refinery_2 Iron_Demon_Ranch_4 San_Quentin San_Quentin_4

transformers main

Activision - Luxoflux

Junior Artist

Working on Transformers was my inner childs dream project. I spent the better part of the beginning of the project working on single player levels and assets contributing to level design as well. A majority of my time was spent on creating multiplayer maps. I fortuantly had the freedom on some of the levels to make a few maps on my own. Buildings played a big role in this project, so understanding tiling textures, and modular pieces to be used repreatedly throughout the level was crucial. Learning how to break up large spaces with building attachments like pipes, fire escapes, fencing, windows, etc. helped greatly in varying up the cityscape.

kungfu main

Activision - Luxoflux

Junior Artist

Kung Fu Panda was a very fun project as soon as I jumped on it. Texturing was different then the usual photo-realistic look and the work had a much more cartoon feel. I worked with a small team constructing assets, and detailing up landscapes blending with different shaders. Later down the project I was put onto the mutiplayer team to help out with balancing and additional art work. One of the most enjoyable projects I had the please to be on.

kungfu 1 kungfu 2 kungfu 3 kungfu 4 kungfu 5 kungfu 6


Arti Institute - Game Wizards

Lead Artist

ThunderFlash was one of my first experiences working with a large team. It was a mod for the Source Engine that was created by a class of some of the very best hand picked students over at the Art Institute Los Angeles called Game Wizards. Myself, and 3 other artist where put into the role of lead artist to help organize a team of over 40 students in creating a level from the ground up. I learned a great deal here from working with others on how to attack problems as a team, delegate task and timelines, and bouncing off ideas for solutions and bigger things we can create. Definitely an experience to remember and I am glad to of been a part of one of the best mods that came out of Game Wizards.

Willys Jeep Pak 38 Thunderflash_1 Thunderflash_2 Thunderflash_3 Thunderflash_4