Fatty is a character I created years ago. I've always been influenced through graffitti, and grew up on cartoons with wild fun looking characters. Fatty is my spawn from those loves. He's a spontaneous little guy with a knack for rebelling against the norm. He has been seen lurking the streets all around the world, hiding in nooks and crannies sticking his tongue out at you. Using different medians such as stickers, wheat paste, t-shirts, and paintings, I have put him up anywhere I can. As of recently, I have been able to get him in the real world as a 3d print, which I am working on to be released come 2018.

Below is the prototype from the 3d print. These projects take time to create, but getting a solid print is essential. Next up would be sanding, casting, reproduction, and painting. Looking forward to continue bringing this character to life!!

To see more of this little dude, head on over to here.

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