Hello. I'm Luis Zuleta. An artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I've always loved artwork and drawing, so I knew I wanted to do something creative in life for my career. Out of high school I discovered I can do just that, and I decided to attend The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles to further develop my skills as an artist. I received a bachelors degree in Game Art & Design in 2007, and have been working in the industry actively ever since.

I've worked with studios such as Activision, Game Mechanics, Psychic Bunny, Courtroom Animation, and Magic Pixel. As well as amazingly talented individual clients such as Atomik, Jeremy Fish, Dez Einswell, Matt Gondek, Jesse Hernandez, and more. I try to keep a good balance of projects I am working on, so I stay busy freelancing on other aspects of art such as paintings, t-shirt designs, and most recently 3D printing.

I am passionate and work hard for those I love like my family, and beautiful daughter, Aaliyah. In my free time I enjoy spending time with her, riding my motorcycle with friends, rock climbing, outdoors, and pretty much any adventure that gets the heart pumping.

Enjoy life, work hard, stay focused, and always do what makes you happy.