Two Bit Circus

Started working with the amazingly creative folks over at Two Bit Circus! I'm looking forward to helping to bring some ambitious ideas to life.


Inspiration: Todd McFarlane

It is always cool seeing how people became who they are. Todd McFarlane has been an inspiration to me with his work since I first saw Spawn as a kid. From his beautiful illustrations and use of color, to his highly detailed figures really got me into appreciating "toy culture." There is no master plan except working hard. This video is a great inspiration for artist to encourage them to keep moving forward in that pursuit to ultimately living a successful creative life doing what you love. Keep pushing!

Fatty Love

For as long as I have been doing 3D work, I have always wanted to create my own figure of my characters. I had painted this guy, who I call Fatty, for many years now on walls, canvases, made stickers and shirts, etc.

Recently, I have had the chance to bring him to life with 3D printing! This is the first prototype of him!! I'm so excited, and am looking forward to cleaning him up, casting and molding, and being able to produce more of them so they can be available to purchase down the line.

Coming 2018!!




Being a freelancer you are your own boss. You set your own times, and everything is on your schedule. This is awesome, but can be deadly. That's why I feel it is important to stay consistent, and responsible. It is very easy to get distracted if you are working from home, as oppose to an office surrounded by people and a boss over your shoulder. The freedom is great, but it can be dangerous.

For me, I like to keep track of what I am doing. That is why I use this nifty free tool, timeclockwizard

It is free tool to stay organized with projects. I use it to separate the time I work on projects because I usually have a few going at a time that all usually have deadlines. It monitors your days, weeks, etc. Punching in and out, as well as meal breaks and payroll if necessary. It's important to know your worth, and make sure you are putting in the hours to show for it.

It has been super helpful since I have been using it and I have noticed my productivity is better now. Like Skynet, I am more self aware, I see the hours I put in, and which days, and am able to evaluate why that day was more productive then the other. I feel it is critical to be hard on yourself and know your workflow to get the best results in the most efficient way.

You are an entrepreneur, you are your own boss, so if you want rewarding results, make sure you act like one.

Always a Student

Lately I've had more free time and have been playing around more with Substance Painter. I work with texturing assets regularly, and this program essentially can make amazing looking ones rather quickly. Obviously I am intrigued. Hopefully I can get really good with it and add this tool to my design process.


E3 was again a blast to check out. Seeing all the next gen games being developed for consoles and PC is always pretty fun. VR is making a bigger impact now a days, and they definitely had a wider presence on the floor.

Some exciting new games coming out with stunning visuals! So inspiring, time to step my game up!