Deconstructed Homer

Matt Gondek

Matt Gondek is a Los Angeles Pop Artist who paints Deconstructed Pop Icons. He was born in Pittsburgh PA, but moved to Los Angeles at the age of 31.

As a child, I always loved to draw. I was a child of the 80’s, watched a lot of TV, played video games, and read comic books. I was drawn to the super bright bold style, so I created my own comic book in that way. That was actually my first piece of art – a comic book while I was 10 years old.

As for topics, I’ve always loved the Simpsons. I can recite the first 6 seasons almost verbatim. Turns out they’re great to paint too. My first mural was a deconstructed Homer Simpson in Pittsburgh PA in July 2014. I still love painting those characters in various ways.  I’ve always loved cartoons. Everyone grew up watching them, so they are easy to like, even as adults. I think that is why my work resonates with so many people.

Matt's work is out of this world and I love it. Bringing characters I have grown to love over my whole life, and just blowing them up and making it look great is a sweet talent. This project was a nice challange to put together. So much detail and techniques I had to learn, and use to make this one happen. Iit was a pleasure working with him on his first resin figure, which is based off of the first deconstructive mural he's ever painted. Below is a reference for the 3D model I created.

To see more work by Matt Gondek, head on over to MattGondek.com

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