I joined the Two Bit Circus team in the early stages of development. Before there was even a brick and mortar location, there was the ambitious idea cooking in the brains of Brent Bushnell and Eric Gradman. With a vision to bring fun and entertainment back to the masses using new technology such as VR (virtual reality,) Two Bit Circus was created. The Verge swung by our studio to document our process, they have a great article showing what our place is all about.

I worked as the artist on all of the following projects. From pre production to final polish, I worked closely with a designer and engineer to help bring these games to life. All art aspects were my responsibility, so 3D modeling and texturing, animation, physics, fx, lighting, etc. I had my hands on. As well as implementation and testing in the Unity engine. I am very proud of what our team was able to accomplish. Bringing the largest VR entertainment area to life on Los Angeles was a grand task! but as a team we made it a reality!!

Demolition Zone

A low poly stylized looking physical game. Go against a friend and try to destroy as much of your building as possible with a giant wrecking ball. Hurl it towards the projector screen and feel the floor vibrate with every hit!

Space Squad

Space Squad is a team-based adventure for 4 to 6 players. You and your friends have just 25 minutes to complete your mission. Work together to solve action-packed challenges on the life-sized bridge of a Space Squad starship.

Super Thunder Bloxx

A game with a bright 80’s retro looking style with a fun cheesy aerobics video feel. Jump side to side as you follow the on screen directions. Twisting and turning your body to match the position on screen to rack up points as the game gets faster and more intense!


Big Top Balloon Pop

Our twist on the classic match 3 game. pick up a colored ball and toss it towards the screen trying to match 3 balloons. With items and pick ups on the screen such as extra time, or bombs, you’ll feel some air being blown your way when hitting some items.