Jaguar Skull

Jesse Hernandez

Jesse Hernandez is an artist born and raised in the Bay area, most widely recognized for his murals, vinyl art toys,  and animation work. His style is know as "Urban Aztec" a combination of graffiti and ancient indigenous culture. Hernandez's artwork has been featured in Oakland Museum,   Rolling Stones, Juxtapoz, Playstation, Outside Lands, and the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Hernandez has shown art in galleries and museums around the world, and painted murals in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico City, & Amsterdam.

I have always loved Jesse' work since my early days attending art shows. His vibrant colors and Aztecan heritage is strong, and seen in his work. Some of my first collectibles I bought where his, and I always thought it would be awesome if I can one day work with him. Years down the line, we connected and made it possible. I love how the metal brush came out on this model! Killer design!

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