Courtroom Animation

I worked at Courtroom Animation as the Art Director for the last 2 plus years. We would create scientifically-accurate 3D animations to be used as demonstrative exhibits or evidence during mediation and trial. My responsibilities ranged from modeling and texturing, to animation and effects.

I will utilize reference material such as pictures, laser scans, police reports, witness statements, experts, video footage, etc. in creating a scene so that I have the most accurate account of the events as possible. Working by myself, or managing other artist, I contributed to whole scenes from the ground up. Incorporating lighting techniques using VRay with scenes varying from dusk till dawn. After the scene has been put together, I will work in post production work as well finalizing scenes using After Effects. If we needed to do something for a scene, and I didn't know how, I would jump online and find tutorials to show me how. Jumping from program to program, and different types of task and responsibilities every day was a norm, and I enjoyed the hustle and bustle. I like to stay busy, and can understand clearly the pipeline necessary for creating shots from start to finish for our clients.


To learn more about Courtroom Animation, please visit there website here.