Above the Clouds

Alongside my work with studios, I also do freelance work with some super talented artist and muralist. I assist in helping them create their designs as 3D models to be printed out and mass produced.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now being fortunate enough to work with some amazing and inspiring artist. I’ve expanded this work now into creating a small production company called Above the Clouds. We now not only do the 3D modeling, but as well as helping in pre production conceptions, 3D printing, mold/cast making, and post production work to help clients get their designs out into the physical world for artist to buy and collect.

I’m very excited for the years to come, and to continue to make killer products for our clients.

Click here to see more info about what we do, and in the 3D print section as well of my website to see some more work we have done for our clients.