Two Bit Circus Car 3D Print

Since I have my Form 2 3D printer I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Just printing out old models of mine and getting a better grasp of the process of printing. Real interesting there is a whole another level to learn to get things printed correctly and having the prior knowledge of 3D modeling helps a lot. A big portion of it starts with how you finalize your 3D model getting it prepped for printing. It can save you a lot of time on printing, and cost for material.

I’ve been wanting to print out one of my low poly cars from my work on Demolition Zone at Two Bit Circus. So I set up the model, took time to prep it right, and printed and painted it trying to match the colors of it in the game. I learned a lot, a few hiccups, fun getting messy, and overall had fun doing it which is important. Came out pretty rad I’d say!!